Accu-Break Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Setting The Standard  For Dose Flexibility

Creating Tablets That Allow Dose Flexibility

Setting the Standard for Dose Flexibility

The Simplicity is Startling

The Applicability is Astonishing

ACCU-BREAK™ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("ABP" or the “Company”) is a privately-held pharmaceutical company. ABP has invented and is developing the patent-pending ACCU-BREAK™ family of technologies (the "Technologies"). ACCU-BREAK™ tablets are designed to improve and enhance the functionality of pharmaceutical tablets.

While being manufactured to be easily swallowed as whole tablets, the Company expects ACCU-BREAK™ tablets to be “Simply Better™” because in addition, they are “Made to be Broken™.” The ACCU-BREAK™ innovations are designed to allow pharmaceutical tablets to be able to be easily broken into equal half, third, or quarter doses.

The Company believes that many existing and pipeline pharmaceutical products may be able to gain enhanced competitive positioning and improved patent protection by formulating products according to the ACCU-BREAK™ principles.

The core insight of the Technologies is creation of an inactive segment of a pharmaceutical tablet that serves as the breaking region if a smaller dose, such as a half dose, is desired. Thus, inaccurate breaking of the tablet does not affect dosing, because the break region is pharmacologically inactive.

The Company has also filed patents on several branded product ideas, and has developed formulations for certain branded product candidates.

ABP is led by an experienced and successful Management team and Directors, and is advised by a well-respected Scientific Advisory Board.

Maximize your Product's Value with Accu-Break™ Technologies

Drug reformulations, line extensions and combination therapies have become increasingly popular product life cycle management strategies.

  • Ease of dividing into precise smaller doses ideal for pediatric and geriatric patients
  • Eliminate tablet splitting concerns such as unpredictable doses and loss of mass
  • Controlled-release formulations may bolster compliance, possibly improving outcomes and overcoming therapeutic inertia
  • Accu-Break CR tablets offer additional benefits over conventional CR tablets
  • Accu-Break™ technologies provide multiple opportunities for life cycle management
  • Leverage Accu-Break's patent portfolio for extending or adding product exclusivity
  • Increase chances of early market adoption with beneficial Accu-Break feature reformulation
  • Reposition your drugs with new or improved clinically relevant benefits
  • Ease of dividing and precision dose adjustments preferred among physicians and patients
  • Significant anti-counterfeiting properties

Leadership Team

Robert I. Goldfarb President, General Counsel & Director

Sidney J. Feltenstein Director

David Beach Technical Consultant

Nigel N. Norton Director

Mel Harris Director

Lloyd A Moriber, MD Director